What My Clients Say

"I am an anaesthetic trainee at ST4 level and I was sitting my final FRCA viva exam as part of my essential criteria to finish my anaesthetic training.

I struggled to pass the Final viva exam and failed 3 times, so my supervisor and college tutor suggested having exam coaching sessions to improve my approach to the viva exam.

I started to have exam coaching sessions with Melinda which was initially a bit difficult for me, as I had lots of anger from failing this exam but honestly it was one of the best decisions made by my college tutor.

Melinda had a nice, systematic approach with me. She started to get rid of my anger from this exam which helped me a lot.

We then did more sessions on communications skills. We worked on what the examiners are looking for (apart from medical knowledge) and how to convince the examiner that I was the right candidate and deserved to pass.

She gave me the confidence to pass this exam and we had lots of sessions of viva practice.

Melinda played a very important role to help me pass my viva exam which went very smoothly and efficiently.

Thanks Melinda."

"I have worked with Melinda while preparing for my professional exams.

Working with Melinda has been a pleasant experience and I would always look forwards to the next session.

The best thing about it was that she improved the delivery of my speech during those sessions picking the subtle weaknesses and converting them into my strengths.

She is an excellent teacher of communication skills and I am sure she can be of great help for anyone looking to improve their speaking abilities for various reasons like exams, interviews or even those looking to teach students"