Medical training is a challenging and exhausting journey. Knowing you are on the right pathway and in the right specialty is vital.  

It is natural for doctors to feel frustrated and to suddenly wonder who they are, where they are and whether they want to keep going.

I help my clients explore and answer all of these questions, gradually replacing self-doubt with renewed self-belief. 

I work with many senior registrars who are transitioning into consultant roles. I coach them in leadership skills, advanced communication skills and visability within a team.  

“The Professional Support and Wellbeing Service works with doctors in the Oxford Deanery who have run into difficulties with their training.

Melinda is a superb theraputic coach and much more than that: she inspires confidence and motivation, and tailors her approach to each individual.

Her ability to combine fun with sensitivity and insight enables her to work with people on underlying issues to in order to improve their self-confidence and assertiveness.

She has worked for the PSWS on a wide range of cases but in every one she has made a very significant and usually career-changing difference.”

Dr Sheena Dykes
Former Associate Postgraduate Dean and Director of Professional Support and Wellbeing Service, Oxford Deanery