We all need support in our professional lives, especially if it is not readily available from colleagues or supervisors.

One to one private coaching provides personal support and is hugely beneficial in creating the opportunity for doctors to talk openly and confidentially about their circumstances.

It is well known that coaching continues beyond a session and what a client takes away with them can be applied to a difficult or complicated situation at work.

“Melinda is very easy to talk to, she radiates this warm, positive, nurturing energy that just puts you at ease and makes you feel at home.

I had returned to working in busy surgical practice after a period of absence and had lost a lot of confidence.

In a very subtle and clever way Melinda helped me regain my self-confidence and most importantly break and banish some cycles of negative thoughts patterns that had been cultivated over years of working in an under resourced NHS.

Melinda, with her natural insight and the help of an MBTI personality questionnaire, re-connected me with my core strengths and helped me identify ways of working and communicating with more happiness and effectiveness in an environment in which I felt I did not belong.

I cannot recommend her enough. The impact to my professional and personal life has been huge.”

“I found Melinda's sessions extremely beneficial. She was understanding, non-judgemental and helped me to know myself better and manage my emotions in a mature way.

I am sure I passed my big job interview with the confidence and resilience that I acquired through her sessions.

I have recommended her to help many of my family and friends and all of them have found her coaching sessions to be very helpful. I hope she continues her good work.”