From a medical school OSCE through to an exit VIVA, the preparation, anxiety and execution of an exam can cause considerable disruption to a doctor's life. 

After many years of working with doctors who have failed these exams, I've learnt that it's not so much about the amount you know as how well you can express it.

Selling yourself and your knowledge is a skill that needs to be practiced and honed. One to one presentation coaching in a safe, private enviroment is an ideal way to learn.

I work with the 'performance' aspect of an exam scenario, bringing out assertiveness, conciseness and confidence in my clients. 

"I booked a session with Melinda not knowing what to expect but thinking that she was going to help me through my exams by making me better at vivas. Which she did do. What I didn't expect was the coaching aspect, looking at different areas of my life and personality and finding out why I was struggling to pass.

I had taken and passed many exams before but was struggling a lot with the dreaded FFICM. I'm really glad I engaged with and stuck with the process and followed Melinda's advice: it worked. I passed the exam at the next attempt, and I also learnt a lot about myself that I never even knew which continues to help me every day. I enjoyed the sessions and am very grateful to Melinda for her help."

“If I could state one and perhaps the only thing that helped me pass the CASC and achieve the MRCPsych, I can confidently say it was Melinda's coaching.

I self-referred following a recommendation by a colleague who also felt Melinda's tireless support was the one thing that helped him pass the CASC.

I had reached a rather frustrating bottleneck with career progression, which also left me confused and disappointed in myself and the exam system.

Melinda's personal and doctor coaching techniques were refreshingly different, helping me regain my self-confidence and for the first time, dispelling myths, and clarifying what I needed to focus on and what was really being tested, in a friendly, calm and therapeutic environment.

I could not believe how much I was actually enjoying my sessions and growing as a professional.

Melinda not only helped me pass the CASC, I was then able to apply my mind to quickly get on to the psychiatric higher training scheme quite confidently.

I continue to feel inspired by her helping me to believe in myself, BE myself and believe in my style of communication with my patients and colleagues effectively, evolve my leadership and organisational skills and prioritise my well-being.

Melinda very skilfully helped me formulate a personalised plan that combined both a psychodynamic, CBT, and, reflective approach which worked brilliantly for me, including plenty of role play.

She even supporting me the day before, which we identified I found the most difficult to cope with, incorporating focus, mindfulness and anxiety management.

She made the sessions fun and informal when appropriate, with plenty of room for me to appreciate and reconnect with myself.

Rather than be someone else at the CASC, I ended up being myself and feeling connected and grounded and ready to show real empathy in an artificial situation, which I think was the most important reason I passed.

I do hope Melinda continues to help doctors in similar situations and wish her very well in her quietly and invaluably contributing to 'Better doctors, better patients and safer services!'

A very heartfelt thank you Melinda.”